San Benito Getaway


While the world is gradually easing all restrictions due to the Covid-19 crisis, Manila is taking its time 😣 . After nearly 4 months of strict quarantine, the restrictions finally got alleviated.

Being locked up in a concrete jungle for a few months would affect everyone 🤯. What a pleasant surprise it was when I found out that a well-known resort The Farm at San Benito is reopening.

The Farm is a luxury resort located about two hours south of Manila. It specializes in healing stays full of various procedures.

I went with a day tour and all I had to do was to convince my friend to join me 😊.

The day tour costs around 7,000 PHP, including a test for coronavirus, which is mandatory before entering the premises. Without the test, it would be 2,000 PHP less. On top of that, the day tour includes lunch, massage, and the opportunity to participate in daily activities such as morning yoga, meditation, and many others.

My friend and I set off from Manila just before seven in the morning 🚗 . The navigation said we should arrive in less than two hours. To our surprise, for the first time in the Philippines, it was right! There was nearly no traffic and aside from hitting a few potholes 💥, everything went smoothly.

As we were getting closer to the final destination, I felt like there is still something that has to go wrong. It wouldn’t be the Philippines if something didn’t happen. Right after we left the main road, we started zigzagging in narrow alleys. As you might know, Google navigation is not always 100% accurate, and that’s doubly true here!

We got lost several times, threw a few F-words, but in the end, we made it to the finish safe and sound (the car survived too!).

“Yay, we are here”, I said to my friend. We were astonished by the incredibly peaceful oasis awaiting us. The environment reminded us of Bali; there were several relaxing pergolas designed for yoga classes or meditation.

Although the resort has opened to visitors, it is not yet fully functional. Therefore, all pool bars were still closed except for only one restaurant in the whole resort.

On the other hand, I must admit it had one great advantage. There were only a handful of visitors in the whole resort, so we had the place practically just for ourselves.

After exploring the resort, we got hungry and couldn’t wait for our 5-course vegan lunch. The portions were smaller and thus we could easily eat it all. Despite the pompous style of the dishes, it was a pleasure not only for the eyes but also for our taste buds. Some flavor combinations were amazing.

We spent the afternoon by the pool and exploring other places in the area. Even though our stay was getting to its end, there was still one treat waiting for us. We had a reflexology foot massage, and we both agreed there couldn’t a better ending for our stay.

After a long time, I had a chance to get out of the city, enjoy the sounds of nature, and recharge my batteries in a heavenly environment. Despite the higher price, I would rate the trip to San Benito as a five-star stay. If you crave a quick getaway to a remote place where you can chill, San Benito is your great choice.

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