About me

I am a girl living in my own little world full of flowers (they are ubiquitous; in flowerpots, on my clothes, and even on my skin 😊), cute animals (my heart always explodes when I am around puppies) and beautiful nature; the place where I feel complete.

A foodie who loves cooking for the loved ones.

A girl who always thinks too much..or could it be us all girls? 🤔😊

A naive dreamer who always hopes in better days and never gives up.

When I was a student at the University in Prague I visited California for vacation.  It was the first impulse when I started to feel like I wanna try living in a different country. My inner voice was telling me I need to go … anywhere.

I didn’t pay much attention to it but things happened and one year after my graduation I was standing in front of, what most people would call, the hardest decision.
My boyfriend got a job offer in Asia and he asked me if I moved with him to the Philippines. To be honest, at that moment I had no idea where these islands are. My first thought was about swinging on a coconut tree on a heavenly beach.

Making decisions is not my strength. Usually when I have to make a decision it takes me some time to weigh all advantages and disadvantages. However, in this case, I said: “Fuck it!”. Let’s go and see the world together. I didn’t have any doubts, I was so going. It scared me how sure I was.

Immediately, questions like “What about my family?”, “What about my job?”, “What about my friends and my life?”, “What am I gonna do there?” started popping up in my head. I couldn’t answer them and I just hoped that everything is gonna be alright.

During that time, I was in my first full-time job as a financial assistant; I was 23 back then. It was a nice experience and I have a lot of memorable moments from that time. Nonetheless, the decision was made and I quit the job. Two months later, I was sitting in an airplane with my boyfriend excited, naive, and convinced that if we stay together we can do whatever we ever dreamed about.

When the airplane took off, my journey to bloom had begun…